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Team Racing League Demo

Team racing?! But why? We’re making this game because we’re not happy with current multiplayer race games. They use rubber banding or overpowered bonus mechanics (like blue shells) to keep races exciting for players that can’t keep up. But we think multiplayer races can be exciting for everyone, without punishing the skilled players. So that’s why we made TRL

  • You play in teams, 3 on 3
  • It’s about you or your teammate finishing first
  • You can be the racer (great race controls)
  • You can be the troll (block and torch your opponents)
  • You can be the support (connect with your teammate for special stuff)

This demo is a nice intro to the full game coming out in Early Access next July.

  • Train your racing skills in Time Trial
  • Check out the different tracks
  • Familiarize yourself with the special abilities (you’ll need them!)

The best Time Trial players win keys to the full game. We’re really eager to get your feedback! So join our Discord channel.

Trailer: Ze professor

Straight from the Gamious Laboratory, ze professor shows you all you need to know about TRL!

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